I’m Ged Sia.

Animation director with artisan attitude.


Swollen plants and ponderous clouds overlie me. I’m stuck between soft and slippery surfaces. Clumsy creatures push and distort my malleable body. I can feel a warm breath going directly into my ear. Through an unbearable smell of sweat I can  sense a faint aroma of the blossom. My feet are slowly sinking into a viscous ground.
I’m drowning in bliss.


During my over ten years of experience in animation and motion graphics I felt in love with stop-motion and tactile craft aesthetics. I’m always excited to create new worlds with their fauna and flora, to dig deep in to the details and tell a story.


Nike, Microsoft, Sprite, MTV, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Computer Arts, Visual Editions, Cultures France, IMEPO.


Best original design at Animation Block Party. New York
Audience award at
Vilnius film festival. Vilnius
Two silver crane awards.
Golden Cross
 highest national performing arts award 2013
Art Directors Club Young Guns Award 2009
Silver in motion graphics at European Design Awards 2009
Special award for illustration at International Advertising Festival Golden Hammer 2008


For business enquiries . migle@petpunk.com . +37068551745

For artistic enquiries . hello@gedsia.com . +37061631176

Vaidilutės st. 79, Vilnius
LT-10100, Lithuania

Ged Sia